Biography of the author :

Dr. S.Asgharpour was born in Zonouz in 1943.Zonouz is small town which is located in the east Azarbaijan 23 km from Marand ,Iran.He studied his elementary and guidance school there .He left his birth place for Tehran in 1960.He had financial problem for going school so, he worked for two years until he was called for military service as a soldier .He served in army as a soldier for two years since 1962-63.He finished his military service ,then he was employed in the bank and going to night class for continuing his studies .Finally ,he graduated from Marvi`s high-school in Tehran in 1967.In that year ,he was accepted at Tabriz university .He studied geography there for four years (1967-1971).He got his B.A. degree in human and economic geography also he tried to complete his English language, then he was employed in ministry of education .By having teaching job he studied for post graduate .He received M.A. degree in human geography from Tehran university in 1977.His thesis was on his birth place under title, "Nature and Subsistence in Zonouz valley ".He has already made his decision for getting his Ph .D program .He went to the U.S.A .in 1977.He completed his advance English courses in Los Angeles ,then applied for Ph .D program in some university of California Was accepted in San Diego International University ,California in1978.He studied for four years .Finally ,he received his Ph .D degree in leadership and human behavior in 1981.His dissertation was on the attitude of managers toward automation in manufacturing factories .He came back to Iran. He got his teaching job at the high school and the Islamic Azad University since 1981 till the present time .He has translated some English books into Persian.

1-360 Feedback ,Strategies ,Tactics ,and :John E. Jones 1996.

2-Contemporary Issues in Management. by :William. G.Dyer 1996

3-How Managers can develop Managers. by: Alan.Mumford 1993

4-Comparative International Management. by :Carla .Koen 1997

The author has written some papers and articles ,participated in some National and International conferences.

1-International Conference on Human Security in West Asia (ICHSWA ) University of BirJand ,November26-27,2008

2-Annual Meeting of Canadian Association of Geographers ,Carleton University Ottawa,Canada,26-30 May 2009

3-International Conference on Land and water Degradation in Magdeburg Germany on 7th-9th September 2009

4-International Geography Symposium in Kemer ,Antalya, Turkey June 2-6,2010

5-12th European Conference on Knowledge Management ,Passau, Germany 1-2 September 2011

6-32nd  International Geographical Congress 20-30 August 2012,Cologne,Germany."Effect of air pollution on human health&urban management System" Tehran,Iran. T                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Dr. Seyed Esmaeil.Asgharpour

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