Figure 31. Aras river near Jolfa city                                photo by Dr.Asgharpour

Figure 30. lighted candles of a church.            Photo by:Dr.Asgharpour in 2009

Figure 29. Aras river near Jolfa                                          photo by: Dr.Asgharpour

Figure 28. Aras river in west of Jolfa

Figure 27. Aras river  in west of Jolfa city

Figure 26. Ghotour Chai flows to  N.E direction

Figure 25. Zonouz dam                                         photo by: Dr.Asgharpour in 2006

Figure 24. Zonouz dam                                          photo by:Dr.Asgharpour in 2006

Figure 23. Agricultural lands  in Cher-Cher area           photo by:Dr.Asgharpour

Figure 22. Ghotour Chai  kilometer 18 Khoy

Figure 21. Ghotour bridge  connects Iran rail road to Turkey  By Dr.Asgharpour

Figure 20. Ghotour bridge Kilometer 15 of Khoy city

Figure 19. Ghotour Chai  bed on flat land in north-east of Khoy city

Figure 18. Ghotour Chai,Khoy city

Figure 17. camels on pasture near Khoy plain

Figure 16  Zonouz river bed in the west part of Zonouz

Figure 15  Zonouz river bed near Cher-Cher plain

Figure 14 Zonouz river bed after Kargheh -Salan in the west

Figure 13 Zonouz bridge on Kargeh - Salan river

                                                   Figure 12 Zonouz dam was built in 2004