Results of the research
- Seasonal flooding of this river based on local torrential rain that occurs on the mountain area.consequently it has resulted to the land degradation
-Overgrazing of area by herds can be caused soil erosion
-The bare slope of mountain and loose soil are exposed to be eroded more easily than the vegetated lands
-In the upper course of river,erosion is vertical that is because the water is being pulled downwards by gravity. therefore, a deep V-shaped valley is formed
-In the lower course of river erosion is lateral  so the river channel is widened
-The higher-gradient slopes are eroded more than the lower-gradient ones
-Northern and southern slopes have different erosional  shaped
-There are two kinds of precipitation:cyclonic precipitation and convective precipitation which resulted soil erosion
-The coarse-grained size sediments were observed in the upper part of the river whereas fine-sediments accumulated in  the lower parts
-Seasonal and alternative movement of livestock is occurred between two regions: lowlands and high lands so, land erosion has been intensified
-Three kinds of erosion were recognized: landslide,fall movement and creep.Erosion  is in the form of -physical weathering  which occurs on the andesite rocky wall in the left side of Zonouz river .photo 4
-Landslide happens when the upper layer of soil is permeable but the lower layer of the soil is impermeable
-Erosion in the west part of region is more than in the east.It is because vegetation of western slopes are fairly poor
-The massive lithological layers and steeper slopes which dominated on a vast area have caused land erosion
-Man-made erosion Such as farming activities can  accelerate the erosion process on the area


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