Zonouz is a small town in east Azerbaijan province N.W of Iran, Situated in a semi- dry geographical regionI It is locatedon 45 to 46 degrees E.longitude and 38 t0 39 degrees N.latitude. Two mountain ranges from north and south part surrounded it.They are connected to the highest  mountain of the area by name Soltan Sanjar its height 3168 meters in east.

   Zonouz river which is considered a vital river for the inhabitants of area derives from the west slopes of this mountain, flows to the west about 25 km (photo 2)

The drainage basin of this river is 4630 km. The annual debit of river which was measured in 2008 was 1.48 cubic meters in comparing to the last two decades its debit was 3.4  so the amount of water has decreased since 1985.

In 2004, a reservoir dam was built on this river. The dam was established on a sand – gravel foundation on clay- core (photo 3)

The height of dam 60 meters and the length of crown is 177.5 meters.The river irrigates 1600 hectares of farming lands and 400 hectares of orchard gardens (photo 4)

 Also, fresh water for residents of area are provided by this river. In Marand plain, it joins to Zilbir river and keeps on its running to the west. Near Khoy city, it joins to Qutor Sue makes a large river, then it changes its course to the north, finally enters into Aras river which is considered the largest river of Caspian sea (photo 5)



photo 2                                                                                   By Dr Asgharpour